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  • The polyurethane has remarkable properties for the industrial environment: Great abrasion resistance. Great cutting resistance. Dampening material.

  • The utilization of polyurethane solid rods proves to be very interesting in realizing parts according to plans (machining, making true, turning...). Often used as drafts, these parts can be used in several applications (mechanics, metalworking, dampening...).

  • Polyurethane folding cushions are mainly used in the metal industry (boilmarking industry, metalworkings...).

  • The problems some of our customers have when trying to glue large polyurethane surfaces led us to develop a new kind of polyurethane. Its characteristics are as follows : Easy gluing thanks to its canvas Wear resistance; resistance to cutting (mining industry, quarries...)

  • The expanded metal sheet is recommended for the aplications that require special gluing. It can be fixed in a mechanical way through screwing or riveting.

  • Mainly used in the automobile sector, the metal sheets, coated with a 3.5 mm thick polyurethane are interesting when parts should be protected against scratches or impacts.

  • Polyurethane full ball bearings : Standard hardnesses : 90 and 95 Shores A Minimum production : 20 units per reference

  • LOCTITE 330 is a general-use adhesive for metals, wood, ferrites, ceramics and plastics