Flexible couplings

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    • The SE150 coupling is designed with the following features : Push fit assembly Compact, smooth cylindrical shape without protrusions The flexible element is precompressed during assembly, which extends the range of operating conditions where the rubber is not subject to tension

    • There are two variations of the SE151 coupling : hollow hub and solid hub : Flexible element : Formed of solid natural rubber ­External steel surround, bonded to the rubber

    • Flexible element : Metallic bobbins linked together by rayon fibres ­The whole unit is potted in natural rubber and is hexagonal

    • Flexible element : Precompressed natural rubber ­Bonded metal reinforcing mountings Precompression band (to be removed after installation)

    • Flexible element made up of a variable number of flexible studs depending on the torque to be transmitted : ­Solid natural rubber blocks in the form of a truncated cone Internal armature bonded to the rubber