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    • The SE220 mount is made of two parts of elastomer bonded to a central tube.   Interior reinforced: cylindrical tube.   Elastomer: chloroprene. Range of five different stiffnesses

    • The SE130 mounting comprises a rubber ring bonded to a central tube. Inner tube : mild steel Bonded rubber in the form of a ring at the top with a collar below which is used for fixing

    • The SE131 mountings steel have a mounting plate, cover and swaged teel shaft. This mouting is available with stainless steel or mild steel zinc plated metalwork. The resilient parts are stainless steel wire cushions. The steel parts are zinc plated.

    • The SE115 mounting comprises a conical rubber section bonded between inner and outer metal parts. Centre axis with threaded hole. Square (4 holes) or diamond base (2 holes) with clearance hole.

    • The SE126 range has a pressed steel casing and mounting plate and light alloy shaft. The resilient element is a stainless steel wire pad.

    • The SE118 mounting comprises an annular section bonded between the inner tube and outer housing. The outer housing has a mounting flange (4 different types).

    • A flexible bush has an elastomeric element enclosed between an outer sleeve and a centre axis intended to replace a greased bush.