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    • The SE113 mounting comprises an elastomer pad with an anti-slip ridged surface and a threaded stud allowing accurate height adjustment of equipment.

    • The SE120 mount is made of a round metal cushion covered with an anti-slip elastomer pad on both side.

    • Low profile mountings with high static and dynamic load range : 100% 316 stainless steel Natural frequency from 15 to 18 Hz Dynamic load in compression : 3 g

    • This suspension system is particularly suitable for mounting exhaust pipes from generator sets on board ship or permanently mounted in buildings.

    • The SE115 mounting comprises a conical rubber section bonded between inner and outer metal parts. Centre axis with threaded hole. Square (4 holes) or diamond base (2 holes) with clearance hole.

    • he SE114 mounting comprises one or more layers of elastomer bonded to flat, parallel metallic plates. These mountings may be cylindrical or rectangular. They are designed to withstand very high compressive loads. The range of mechanical characteristics is governed by the hardness of the rubber and the number of intermediate metallic plates.

    • The SE112 mounting is an adjustable equipment foot comprising a circular disc bonded to a protected elastomer base. An adjustement screw is fitted into the assembly. The elastomer base has anti-slip ridges.

    • Flexible element : Precompressed natural rubber ­Bonded metal reinforcing mountings Precompression band (to be removed after installation)

    • Flexible element : Metallic bobbins linked together by rayon fibres ­The whole unit is potted in natural rubber and is hexagonal

    • There are two variations of the SE151 coupling : hollow hub and solid hub : Flexible element : Formed of solid natural rubber ­External steel surround, bonded to the rubber

    • The SE125 mountings have a cast iron cover and base with 4 mounting holes in the base and a central tapped hole in the cover.

    • The SE124 dampers have a cover, an AG3 mounting plate and an AU4G shaft. The assembly is chromatised. The upper and lower stainless steel cushions are the resilient elements of the mounting. It has four Ø 8 mounting holes on the mounting plate and one M10 tapped hole on the upper cover.

    • Machine mount available with a stud or threaded hole. Top cup and stud are mild steel zinc plated. Stainless steel wire mesh cushion. Natural frequency between 15 to 20 Hz.

    • Standard SE121 mountings have a cast steel base and a resilient element made from a stainless steel wire cushion.