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    • The SE110 is a remarkable antivibratory product : Better than 90% insulation at 1.500 rpm (25 Hz). Constant height over wide load range. Stabilised characteristics during Service Life.

    • The design of the SE111 mounting gives the following basic characteristics : Radial elasticity greater than axial elasticity The rubber works in compression (axial), shear (radial), compression/shear according to the fixing method

    • The SE116 is a revolutionary rubber support. It is formed from two thick conical membranes, joined at their bases to create a highly elastic mounting.

    • The SE117 mounting comprises one piece elastomer bonded to a top and bottom plate.

    • The SE127 damper has a satin finish treated AG3 casing and mounting plate, a stainless steel centre axis. A spring and stainless steel cushion provide the resilient elements.

    • The SE150 coupling is designed with the following features : Push fit assembly Compact, smooth cylindrical shape without protrusions The flexible element is precompressed during assembly, which extends the range of operating conditions where the rubber is not subject to tension

    • Flexible element : Metallic bobbins linked together by rayon fibres ­The whole unit is potted in natural rubber and is hexagonal

    • Flexible element : Precompressed natural rubber ­Bonded metal reinforcing mountings Precompression band (to be removed after installation)

    • The SE124 dampers have a cover, an AG3 mounting plate and an AU4G shaft. The assembly is chromatised. The upper and lower stainless steel cushions are the resilient elements of the mounting. It has four Ø 8 mounting holes on the mounting plate and one M10 tapped hole on the upper cover.

    • This range of mountings has one or two steel mounting plates depending on the model, one or several high strength steel springs, 2 light alloy rings and a stainless steel wire cushion in each spring.

    • The design of the SE111B elastic stops gives the following basic characteristics : Highly deformable, allowing high energies to be absorbed. Progressive absorption of energy due to the carefully designed shape.