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    • The shock bumper is made up of a galvanized metallic reinforcement (80x80 mm), covered with semi-flexible rubber elements; it is composed of 50 mm thick easy interchangeable blades Ground fixing thanks to 2 M16 screws Efficient industrial protection Creation of protection areas

    • The armoured shield is intended to protect walls and door faces Resistant to shocks and break Guarantees great impact absorption and a good resistance to distortion

    • The self-supporting armored shield stands on a galvanized tube It is particularly suitable to protect: Machines Bungalows Sidings

    • The bumper post is intended to highlight and protect: Machine or wall corners against the shocks provoked by handling equipments Entries Column basis

    • Security wedge for immobilizing vehicles: Molded in EPDM Excellent resistance to ultraviolet rays Excellent resistance to salt

    • Highly malleable bumpers on 3 axles for a better impact dampening or during a vertical displacement at a level variation while loading or unloading trucks.

    • It guarantees a simple and efficient protection against 90° edges of walls: Excellent resistance to detergents Excellent resistance to acids Excellent resistance to ultraviolet rays

    • Made up of compact molded rubber, the quay and handling bumper protects buildings against impact or shock risks that occur during goods loading or unloading.