Rubber carpets

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    • 100% sturdy outside rubber carpet for professional applications: Efficient against dirtiness, mud, dampness, snow… Draining thanks to its teeth in the inferior side Easy clean Nonskid, insulating

    • Nonskid, antivibratory Comfortable when walking or during upright posture Acoustic insulator

    • A superior range of rubber carpets designed for several applications: Fine streaks carpet Medium streaks carpet Checker carpet Studded carpet Spike carpet Relief carpet

    • For multiple workstations where upright posture is semi-static, the SE12-AF anti-fatigue mat is synonymous with comfort, whether you are walking or when you are in a static station (shorter than 60 minutes).

    • Dielectric insulating mat that meets the IED 60.24.31 standard ; 3mm thick Break resistance Striated aspect and low thickness

    • Ultra sturdy rubber carpet, mainly used in the agricultural environment for: floor protection animals' comfort livestock farming…

    • The professional floor scraper Can be used to drain off water, to evacuate dust, gravels, leaves... Scraper with a resistant foam rubber