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    • The SE13CC70 sheet is a high-definition Nitrile sheet that has the following advantages : excellent oil resistance excellent ageing excellent dry heat

    • The SE11CC70 sheet is a high-grade EPDM sheet, whose key properties are as follows : great mechanical property, and especially a good break resistance good resistance to abrasion excellent ageing, excellent resistance to ozone, cold and heat

    • The SE10CC40 sheet is a natural blond rubber sheet, which is transparent and which has great mechanical properties. It presents the following advantages : stands important distortions stands important mechanical constraints

    • The SE15CC06 is a down market NR/SBR sheet that doesn't trim to line during water jet cutting. Key points: costs of cut parts : seals, mudflaps, etc... immediate gluing, no more grinding clear slice, no deburring

    • The SEV7CC33 sheet is a high-quality Viton rubber sheet:fluorine rate: 66% great chemical resistance; resistance to hydrocarbons good gas impermeability

    • The SE14CC65 polychloroprene sheet is a standard quality sheet. It presents the following advantages : A 2 side canvas grain printing that allows good unwinding a surface aspect that facilitates possible gluing operations

    • The SE14CC64 sheet is a high-grade Hypalon sheet. It presents the following advantages : resistance to diluted and slight oxidizing acids great break resistance excellent resistance to air, light and ozone

    • High-quality rubber ropes designed for: Hydraulic and pneumatic facilities* Plumbing fixtures and gas of mineral origin* Fuel/mineral oil system*