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    • The SE110 is a remarkable antivibratory product : Better than 90% insulation at 1.500 rpm (25 Hz). Constant height over wide load range. Stabilised characteristics during Service Life.

    • The design of the SE111 mounting gives the following basic characteristics : Radial elasticity greater than axial elasticity The rubber works in compression (axial), shear (radial), compression/shear according to the fixing method

    • The design of the SE111B elastic stops gives the following basic characteristics : Highly deformable, allowing high energies to be absorbed. Progressive absorption of energy due to the carefully designed shape.

    • The SE112 mounting is an adjustable equipment foot comprising a circular disc bonded to a protected elastomer base. An adjustement screw is fitted into the assembly. The elastomer base has anti-slip ridges.

    • The SE113 mounting comprises an elastomer pad with an anti-slip ridged surface and a threaded stud allowing accurate height adjustment of equipment.

    • he SE114 mounting comprises one or more layers of elastomer bonded to flat, parallel metallic plates. These mountings may be cylindrical or rectangular. They are designed to withstand very high compressive loads. The range of mechanical characteristics is governed by the hardness of the rubber and the number of intermediate metallic plates.

    • The SE115 mounting comprises a conical rubber section bonded between inner and outer metal parts. Centre axis with threaded hole. Square (4 holes) or diamond base (2 holes) with clearance hole.

    • The SE116 is a revolutionary rubber support. It is formed from two thick conical membranes, joined at their bases to create a highly elastic mounting.

    • The SE117 mounting comprises one piece elastomer bonded to a top and bottom plate.

    • The SE118 mounting comprises an annular section bonded between the inner tube and outer housing. The outer housing has a mounting flange (4 different types).

    • The SE119 mounting comprises two metallic U armatures joined by two bonded rubber blocks.

    • The SE130 mounting comprises a rubber ring bonded to a central tube. Inner tube : mild steel Bonded rubber in the form of a ring at the top with a collar below which is used for fixing

    • Low frequency high deflection antivibration mounting available in a choice of elastomers including high damped silicone.

    • The SE134 mounting is made of an elastomer coat between metal frames. It is designed to support heavy loads in compression 2,500 daN Shearing : 300daNCisaillement : 300daN Hardness : 60 Shore A

    • The SE220 mount is made of two parts of elastomer bonded to a central tube.   Interior reinforced: cylindrical tube.   Elastomer: chloroprene. Range of five different stiffnesses

    • A flexible fixing resistant to oils, the majority of solvents and ageing

    • Antivibration mount, small footprint

    • The SE137 mount comprises two concentric metallic parts joined by a bonded, perforated rubber ring

    • A flexible bush has an elastomeric element enclosed between an outer sleeve and a centre axis intended to replace a greased bush.

    • The SE120 mount is made of a round metal cushion covered with an anti-slip elastomer pad on both side.

    • Low profile mountings with high static and dynamic load range : 100% 316 stainless steel Natural frequency from 15 to 18 Hz Dynamic load in compression : 3 g