Technical glues

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    • The 1400 Neoprene glue has several qualities in the elastomer field : High-performance/multipurpose glue Gluing rubbers, metals, wood, foams... Easy to apply by means of a brush

    • Special Pattex for high temperatures is a Neoprene based glue particularly recommended for assemblies and veneers that should be heat-resistant up to +120 °C).

    • LOCTITE 330 is a general-use adhesive for metals, wood, ferrites, ceramics and plastics

    • LOCTITE 406 is intended to glue plastic or rubber parts: Technology : Cyanoacrylate Chemical nature : Ethyl cyanoacrylate

    • LOCTITE 480 is a reinforced elastomeric adhesive, whose flexibility and peeling resistance are increased, which also improves impact resistance