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    • The SE552 foam is an acoustic foam made up of Neoprene rubber and EPDM. Available in 2,000x1,000 mm plates, this foam can be produced in different thicknesses from 2 up to 50 mm (recommended thicknesses for soundproofing : 20, 25, 30 ou 40 mm).

    • The performances of our SE25/32 M1-CAOUTCHOUC make it particularly suitable for soundproofing : great phonic and thermal insulation ratio M1 fire classification great flexibility (easy to lay) waterproof foam (closed cells)

    • Black Cellular rubber strip with an adhesive on one side that is sold per 10 metre rolls. Widely used in the building sector in order to reach a good tightness level, this material can also be used for numerous other applications: Machines manufacture Switchgear cubicles, PC cupboards...