Mousse SE25M1-ALU

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  • The 1400 Neoprene glue has several qualities in the elastomer field : High-performance/multipurpose glue Gluing rubbers, metals, wood, foams... Easy to apply by means of a brush

  • Special Pattex for high temperatures is a Neoprene based glue particularly recommended for assemblies and veneers that should be heat-resistant up to +120 °C).

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  • SE30 M1-MELAMINE Elasto-Cell is a light and flexible melamine foam, which is appreciated for its soundproofing qualities (open cell structure), as well as for its M1 fire classification (non flammable product); such a foam also stands chemical agents.

  • The performances of our SE25/32 M1-CAOUTCHOUC make it particularly suitable for soundproofing : great phonic and thermal insulation ratio M1 fire classification great flexibility (easy to lay) waterproof foam (closed cells)

  • The melamine foam is synonymous with aestheticism and acoustic efficiency: Ceiling/wall mounting in order to create a structured effect Recording studio, music room...