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Description SE50M1-Melamine

SE50 M1-MELAMINE Elasto-Cell is a light melamine foam, which is appreciated for its acoustic absorption qualities (open cell structure), as well as for its chemical agent and M1 fire classification (non-flammable product).

Because it is light, easy to lay and acoustically efficient, such a foam can be considered as a leading product in the building sector and in the industrial environment.

Remember that noise nuisance produced by a machine or an engine can be reduced by installing rubber suspensions, metal suspensions, air suspensions or Gripsol dampening plates (for further information, please consult our antivibratory range.

Do you know the best value for money for reducing vibrations ? The Super-Resilient plates.

To measure acoustic levels, Solutions Elastomères recommends an efficient and high-performance sound level meter : the Sefram sound level meter.

Our technicians are entirely at your disposal at : [email protected]


  • The 1400 Neoprene glue has several qualities in the elastomer field : High-performance/multipurpose glue Gluing rubbers, metals, wood, foams... Easy to apply by means of a brush

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  • SE30 M1-MELAMINE Elasto-Cell is a light and flexible melamine foam, which is appreciated for its soundproofing qualities (open cell structure), as well as for its M1 fire classification (non flammable product); such a foam also stands chemical agents.

  • can be laid on wall or ceiling in order to create an aesthetically pleasing and structured effect. Recording studio, music room…