The SE120 mount is made of a round metal cushion covered with an anti-slip elastomer pad on both side.

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Description SE120 MOUNTINGS

The SE120 mount is made of a round metal cushion covered with an anti-slip elastomer pad on both side.

It is available in two versions :

  • A standard version with a natural frequency of 22 à 30 Hz (machine tools).
  • A thick version (W) with lower stiffness and a natural frequency of 15 to 22 Hz (metal forming machines).

The SE120 mount is a simple and quick solution for machine tools offering good shock absorption, and easy to install by sliding it under the base of the machine. Unaffected by oils, cutting fluids, detergents, high and low temperatures with good resistance to fatigue.

It offers good stability for the suspended machine and a constant natural frequency over a wide load range that makes mount selection easy.

Our range of acoustic foams can be ideally combined with the antivibratory properties of rubber mountings in order to reduce noise nuisance.

Bitumen heavy masses can also be used to stop the vibrations produced by thin sheets.

Our Super-Resilient material can be used as a supplement to disconnect conductive elements (slabs, rigid stands, pipings...). Made up of rubber particles that are linked between them, this flexible material benefits from the dampening properties of elastomers and is really good value for money.


  • The Super Resilient rubber acts as an efficient acoustic mat. It reduces the transmission of vibratory energy, especially in multi-stage constructions, detached houses and industrial buildings.

  • The SE50AL foam is an alveolar acoustic foam made up of polyurethane (2,000x1,400) and which is 50 mm thick (a 20mm heel/30 mm spikes).

Produits similaires
  • This suspension system is particularly suitable for mounting exhaust pipes from generator sets on board ship or permanently mounted in buildings.

  • Low profile mountings with high static and dynamic load range : 100% 316 stainless steel Natural frequency from 15 to 18 Hz Dynamic load in compression : 3 g

  • The SE131 mountings steel have a mounting plate, cover and swaged teel shaft. This mouting is available with stainless steel or mild steel zinc plated metalwork. The resilient parts are stainless steel wire cushions. The steel parts are zinc plated.

  • Standard SE121 mountings have a cast steel base and a resilient element made from a stainless steel wire cushion.