The SE119 mounting comprises two metallic U armatures joined by two bonded rubber blocks.

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Description SE119 MOUNTINGS

The SE119 mounting comprises two metallic U armatures joined by two bonded rubber blocks.

The design of the TRAXIFLEX mounting gives the following basic characteristics :

  • Rubber works in compression-shear
  • The same deflection under nominal load for all types
  • Positive safety in case of elastomer failure

Advantages :

  • Economic solution for suppressing structure borne noise
  • Several fixing methods
  • High resistance to atmospheric exposure (galvanised armatures, chloroprene elastomer)
  • Upper metallic part is shaped to simplify orientation while fixing
  • Two hardnesses of elastomer to extend the choice of mounting as a function of load
  • Filtration of vibration and the attenuation of the consequent noise
  • Allows movement due to thermal expansion

Our range of acoustic foams can be ideally combined with the antivibratory properties of rubber mountings in order to reduce noise nuisance.

Bitumen heavy masses can also be used to stop the vibrations produced by thin sheets.

Our Super-Resilient material can be used as a supplement to disconnect conductive elements (slabs, rigid stands, pipings...). Made up of rubber particles that are linked between them, this flexible material benefits from the dampening properties of elastomers and is really good value for money.


  • The Super Resilient rubber acts as an efficient acoustic mat. It reduces the transmission of vibratory energy, especially in multi-stage constructions, detached houses and industrial buildings.

  • The auto sealing damper support Green 15 GRIPSOL is recommended to install machines from all tonnages such as: cutting press or stamping machines, shearings, dynamometers...

  • The polyurethane has remarkable properties for the industrial environment: Great abrasion resistance. Great cutting resistance. Dampening material.

Produits similaires
  • The SE115 mounting comprises a conical rubber section bonded between inner and outer metal parts. Centre axis with threaded hole. Square (4 holes) or diamond base (2 holes) with clearance hole.

  • The design of the SE111B elastic stops gives the following basic characteristics : Highly deformable, allowing high energies to be absorbed. Progressive absorption of energy due to the carefully designed shape.

  • he SE114 mounting comprises one or more layers of elastomer bonded to flat, parallel metallic plates. These mountings may be cylindrical or rectangular. They are designed to withstand very high compressive loads. The range of mechanical characteristics is governed by the hardness of the rubber and the number of intermediate metallic plates.

  • The SE112 mounting is an adjustable equipment foot comprising a circular disc bonded to a protected elastomer base. An adjustement screw is fitted into the assembly. The elastomer base has anti-slip ridges.