Mousse ELASTO-SPI 686/15

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  • The SE110 is a remarkable antivibratory product : Better than 90% insulation at 1.500 rpm (25 Hz). Constant height over wide load range. Stabilised characteristics during Service Life.

  • The Super Resilient rubber acts as an efficient acoustic mat. It reduces the transmission of vibratory energy, especially in multi-stage constructions, detached houses and industrial buildings.

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  • The SE552 foam is an acoustic foam made up of Neoprene rubber and EPDM. Available in 2,000x1,000 mm plates, this foam can be produced in different thicknesses from 2 up to 50 mm (recommended thicknesses for soundproofing : 20, 25, 30 ou 40 mm).

  •  LS334 Elasto-Cell is a self-extinguishing product with few toxic gas emissions and a low smoke opacity.